Senior Project 2016


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I am happy to present my senior photography project which was part of the University of North Carolina at Asheville’s spring 2016 student group exhibition. Combining analog and digital photography, environmentalism, travel, and crime scene investigation, my project documents the ongoing tragedy of the commons in regards to the treatment of river ways and tributaries. Following the Broad River starting in Western North Carolina all the way to the Atlantic Coast, I photographed various points along the river in both urban and rural regions, collecting garbage which I brought back to Asheville to further document with a forensic Polaroid camera. In this way I was able to track the journey a single piece of trash in the Asheville region is capable of making, ending up faraway in the ocean. What was most surprising was that no matter how isolated the region which surrounded each point along the river appeared, there without a doubt was garbage to be gathered. I also found strange that while researching criminal charges in North Carolina, less than 10 related to environmental protection and littering, compared to the hundreds of charges related to petty and non-violent crime. If we want to perverse the cleanliness, vitality, and longevity of our rivers and oceans for decades to come, we as a society must aggressively take measures to protect such delicate entities from careless and malicious abuse.

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